WASNC is on social networking sites as well

As with any Society, keeping in touch with its members and allowing its members to interact with each other can be difficult, especially when visiting the neighbors could involve a 60 minute drive (the Bay Bridge with a stalled car and metering on!) or for our members in Wales, a 12 hour flight.  With this in  mind, WASNC have a presence on most of the popular social sites.

The WASNC blog

Want to share that funny story of how you went to Treharris but ended up in Treherbert instead?  Need to tell the world about how a couple of coal tips are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Blaeanvon or just share your recipe for Glamorgan Sausage?  Yes, you could wait until the next issue of Pethau but WASNC has a blog site.

Y Blog is a semi-independent sibling to this site, accessible by typing blog.davidmucchiano.com into your browser or click here  The topics are undefined and can be (are) about anything that our users care to say.  Obviously, the site will be moderated by the Board of WASNC, but that is only to avoid slander and politicking!

Other sites

WASNC has longer term plans to allow members to view photographs and other media from their events.  As WASNC treats privacy very seriously, it is intended to self publish images here and not on photo sharing sites.

Google + is quickly growing as a social networking site but in currently based on individual users and not groups.  WASNC will wait for Google to announce their plans before using this medium.