WASNC’s mission is to promote awareness of things Welsh and the Welsh Heritage.  To achieve this, the Society is constantly seeking ways in which it can become more active in the local community, either through its own actions or in partnership with other societies or groups.  Please contact WASNC should you wish to become more involved with the Society or have an any suggestions for how your local organization could contribute to the celebration of the Welsh Heritage in Northern California.


WASNC is well established in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is sad to note that the local Welsh Society in Sacramento has folded, but WASNC is committed to supporting local groups within the Society as a whole.  WASNC is keen to re-establish a local branch in the State Capital and is actively seeking members further north in Redding, Yuba and Chico.


Through its welsh Heritage Fund, the Welsh Society of Northern California provides assistance to those who wish to learn the Welsh Language (Cymraeg) or provides education to others.
The Fund is administered separately from WASNC.  For further information, please email the President at [email protected]


Although WASNC aims to be the premier source of information on the Welsh and Welsh culture, there are many other groups and societies who’s activities can provide further information.  Whenever possible, WASNC will provide information and links to their activities together with those of the Society as a whole on this website and the WASNC blog.